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Victoria business restrictions: the full list of what’s open and closed

August 4th, 2020

Clothes shops, construction sites and hairdressing salons are part of a long list of businesses that will be forced to close under Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria.

As the state recorded another 429 cases and 13 deaths on Monday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced a widespread shutdown that will affect almost every sector and have devastating consequences for people’s jobs and the economy.

He said the tougher workplace restrictions were necessary as current measures were failing to keep Victorians safe.

The following business closures will come into force at 11.59pm on Wednesday and apply to metropolitan Melbourne only.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Closed for on-site work 

  • Forestry and logging
  • Recreational fishing.

Open for on-site work

  • Forestry activity for the purposes of or relating to:
    • Production of firewood for heating of premises
    • Production of pallets
    • Building supplies for construction
    • Other permitted activities (e.g. caskets and coffins)
  • Farming, including operations connected with agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, irrigation, permaculture, apiculture, grains, fibre production, dairy, fishing, aquaculture and livestock
  • Commercial fishing
  • Intensive agricultural production, including glass-houses and animal production
  • Agricultural and veterinary chemicals and vaccines production, transportation and distribution (including the Pig Services Centre)
  • Agriculture and farming support business, including and not limited to on-farm consultants, livestock agents, agronomists, shearing contractors, trades services and contracting businesses
  • Laboratory and diagnostic services
  • Animal sale yards, knackeries and transportation of animals (including livestock and pets)
  • Animal feed production, transportation, packaging, sale, and feeding (including livestock and pets)
  • Veterinary clinics and related services, including on-farm visits and to veterinary clinics, animal minding services and artificial insemination
  • Animal pounds and shelters
  • Teaching and scientific facilities that require the keeping or use of animals
  • Any business or undertaking involved in relevant support services, such as food safety and verification inspection or associated laboratory services and biosecurity function.

Examples of exemption: Food production (agriculture and aquaculture) permitted for the provision of food and essential supplies.


Closed for on-site work

  • Exploration and other mining support services.

Open for on-site work

  • Coal mining
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Metal ore mining
  • Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying
  • Petroleum production.

Examples of exemption: Resource operations, including critical minerals, metals, LNG, coal and iron ore, that cannot be shut down without significant safety concerns.


Closed for on-site work

  • Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
  • Fabricated metal product manufacturing
  • Furniture and other manufacturing
  • Other wood product manufacturing
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Leather tanning, fur dressing and leather product manufacturing
  • Textile product manufacturing
  • Knitted product manufacturing
  • Clothing and footwear manufacturing
  • Domestic appliance manufacturing.

Open for on-site work

  • Food production manufacturing – Meat and meat product manufacturing; Seafood processing; Dairy product manufacturing; Fruit and vegetable processing; Oil and fat manufacturing; Grain mill and cereal product manufacturing; Bakery product manufacturing; Sugar and confectionery manufacturing; Other food product manufacturing
  • Medical equipment and PPE, including cloth masks for public use
  • Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
  • Basic chemical and chemical product manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Sanitary products
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Microelectronics and semiconductor products
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Household paper products
  • Goods and material necessary for or related to supporting defence or security industries
  • Manufacturing to support residential building industry (if not closed – supply chain)
  • Pulp, paper and converted paper product manufacturing
  • Printing and support services
  • Fertiliser and pesticide manufacturing
  • Cleaning compound and toiletry preparation manufacturing
  • Glass and glass product manufacturing
  • Computer and electronic equipment manufacturing
  • Heating and ventilation manufacturing
  • Specialised machinery and equipment.

Examples of exemption: Critical manufacturing and repair/maintenance services for the continued operation of permitted industries.

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First published on www.thenewdaily.com.au and republished with permission from The New Daily. For the full article visit The New Daily website.