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Get your retirement health check today

Is your super on track to pay for the future you want? Find out in 30 minutes with our complimentary Health Check.

30 minutes for a better future

When you retire, your super becomes an essential part of your life. It’s the money you use to pay the bills, order the groceries, buy your sister’s birthday present, and say ‘next round’s on me’.

So, it’s important to understand if your savings are going to be enough for your retirement. A First Super Health Check with one of our Financial Planners can tell you:

  • How much you could have in retirement savings when you retire
  • How long your savings are likely to last and fund your lifestyle

How the Health Check works

If you book a Retirement Health Check, we will:

  1. Arrange a Zoom call or phone call with you at a convenient time – 30 to 45 minutes is plenty.
  2. Consider your current super balance, any contributions you make or receive, when you plan to retire, how much income you’ll need in future, and how the Age Pension could help you. If you have a partner, we can include them too.
  3. Create a projection of your future savings and how long they’re likely to last.

By the end of the call, you’ll know if your super is on track for your retirement.

Plus, we’ll give you a copy of your projection and a short report about the meeting.

Who can access this service – and will it benefit you?

Any First Super member who is saving money for their retirement could benefit from this service. There is no extra cost – the service is covered by your membership.

If you’re still a long way from retirement, knowing if you’re on track or not can help you make decisions today to increase your future income.

If you’re close to retirement, a Health Check will give you the facts about where you’re at – and if you need to seek further help to get your super ready.

Some members with smaller balances worry that advice services aren’t for them – but actually the opposite can be true! When you include the Age Pension, a small super balance (and any other savings you might have) can be budgeted very effectively to give you a dignified retirement lifestyle.

Looking for personal financial recommendations?

We can’t give you personalised advice about your super as part of the Health Check – but we do offer this service. Ask us about a personal advice meeting if you’re interested in learning how to set up your investments, contributions and financial strategy to meet your individual goals. This meeting won’t cost you any extra – advice fees only apply if you proceed.

First Super financial planners are authorised representatives of Industry Fund Services Limited (ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514).