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Making an insurance claim

Our claims philosophy

At First Super, we are passionate about supporting members and beneficiaries in their time of need. Our role is to guide members and their beneficiaries through the claims journey end-to-end with respect and understanding.

Our approach

We approach claims by aiming to do the following for members and beneficiaries.

  • Provide access to a dedicated and proactive Claims Team who will keep the member or beneficiary informed along the claims journey.
  • Assist with identifying any existing cover held with the Fund that the member may be entitled to claim.
  • Show compassion and a willing assistance to help members and beneficiaries understand the claims process by using simple, uncomplicated language.
  • Be honest, transparent, and detailed when providing information so the claim can be managed efficiently from the very beginning.
  • Listen and provide ongoing support. We do not discourage claimants from lodging their claim.
  • Demonstrate reliability and accountability at every step and resolve any problems without delay.
  • Treat the claimant with respect and be considerate of their individual circumstances and needs.
  • Work together to make a difficult time for the member or beneficiary as positive and straightforward as possible.
  • Go above and beyond to pursue an insurance claim for a member or beneficiary where we believe the claim has a reasonable chance of success.

Our commitment to members

We acknowledge this is a very difficult time, so we endeavour to take care of all genuine claims quickly and with empathy, and we expect our Insurer to behave the same way by treating claimants fairly and assessing their claim in an efficient manner. If the Insurer makes an adverse decision, this will be reviewed by First Super’s Claims Review Committee. If the Committee believes the Insurer has acted unreasonably or unfairly in their decision-making, they will take any necessary steps to resolve the outstanding claim.