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Relaxed man sitting with feet up looking at laptop whist drinking cup of coffee


combining your super into one account is easy

Combining or transferring your other super funds into your First Super account is also known as ‘consolidation’.


Why you should combine super

Having more than one super account means you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars every year.

How? Because every super account you have charges you fees and other costs, such as insurance premiums. This means wasted dollars you could be investing in your super instead.

You wouldn’t pay for your groceries more than once, so why pay multiple account fees? All that extra money could be boosting your hard-earned retirement savings!



  • You save on fees – one account means one set of fees
  • All your super is together making it easier to manage your investments
  • You don’t lose track of your super
  • It’s easier to manage your super – less paperwork, fewer passwords!



  • The quality of service you can expect
  • The appropriate level of insurance you need
  • Any fees that may be applicable
  • If you’re in a defined benefit account.


START combining

Combine all your funds into one account and start boosting your super today. It’s quick and easy. Once you’ve got the process started, First Super takes care of the rest.

Log in to firstonline. Go to ‘My Transactions’ and select ‘Roll-in your super’ to start the process.



How does First Super search for my other accounts?

We use an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) tool called SuperMatch. This tool has been built into our own system and our member portal, firstonline, to give you a smooth, easy way to search for other super accounts and then combine these funds in to your First Super account. You can withdraw your consent by updating your contact details.

Why do you need my Tax File Number (TFN) for the search?

SuperMatch uses your TFN to search for other unclaimed super in your name. So we need your consent to use your TFN to:

  • access the service and search ATO records for any super balances in your name that are held by the ATO or by another super fund. Once you give us your consent, we can conduct searches on your behalf on an ongoing basis; and
  • allow the transfer of any ATO-held super found during a SuperMatch search into your First Super account.

What happens if the search doesn’t find any other super belonging to me?

It could be a good sign if we haven’t found any extra super. It suggests your super is already consolidated at First Super and that you’re not paying unnecessary fees on other accounts.

It is possible that there are additional super savings, but that the details provided don’t match any ATO records.

For this reason, the consent you give us will allow us to undertake searches on your behalf from time to time. Whenever we do this, we’ll let you know the results.

If the search does find extra super belonging to me, what do I need to do next?

If the search finds extra super elsewhere, it’s possible that you’re not making the most of your super.

Although you don’t need to do anything, we recommend that you at least think about the benefits of combining your super into one fund.

What happens if the search finds super with a defined benefit amount or has insurance cover included?

If your search finds an account that includes a defined benefit amount and/or has attached insurance, we strongly advise you to seek professional financial advice to help you weigh up the benefits of consolidation and to help you decide what to do with this account.

Defined benefit accounts are older style accounts and moving such amounts to your First Super account may not be in your best interests. Obtaining financial advice is particularly important in such instances. We won’t transfer in a defined benefit account unless you have specific advice from an adviser confirming that it’s suitable for you.

If you have insurance benefits, it’s worth knowing what insurance you have or can apply for with your First Super account. This may help you to make a decision regarding consolidating your super.

Again, while the decision is yours, we’d encourage you to get professional advice. You can book an appointment with a First Super Financial Planner if you’d like to discuss the issues and don’t have easy access to another adviser.

The search has shown I have super held with the ATO. Do I have to transfer this to First Super?

It’s your choice, but it’s worth knowing that although you don’t pay any fees on ATO-held amounts, you don’t have and can’t get insurance with that option.

Also, you can’t plan an investment strategy or manage asset allocations based on your particular circumstances. And, importantly, the only investment return you receive is interest paid at a level based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The current CPI rate can be found on the ABS website and our current returns can be found here.

If you consent for us to do so, any lost super held by the ATO will automatically be added to your First Super account. Whereas with extra super in other funds, you have options about what happens to those amounts.

If I transfer super from the ATO does it have to go to First Super?

No. You can transfer your super to any super fund that will accept you as a member and accept your contributions.

However, because you are already a member of First Super, you can start the process for a transfer immediately.

If you want to transfer to another fund you will need to get in touch with that fund and follow their process.

If I transfer my super to First Super, what’s in it for me?

As an industry fund, First Super’s profits go straight back to members. That’s because our goal is growing your super for retirement – and every cent counts.

The advantage of combining in to your First Super account is that because you are already a member, we can start the transfer process straightaway, so you start seeing the benefits more quickly.

Our process is electronic, which means the additional super should be in your account within three full business days. If you decide to transfer into a different fund, then you’ll have to contact them and go through their consolidation process.

Whichever fund you choose to consolidate in to, the potential benefits include:

  • One set of fees and insurance premiums
  • Potential for improved long-term returns
  • An investment strategy that’s easier to track and manage
  • Less paperwork – only one super account!

Are there any negatives in transferring to a single fund or any potential issues I need to be aware of?

There are some important things to think about before you consolidate your super. You should compare things like:

  • The quality of service you can expect and want from your super fund. First Super has a hands-on approach to membership.
  • The fees you will pay
  • The appropriate level of insurance you need and its cost
  • Your investment strategy
  • If you’re in a defined benefit account.

If you need advice on whether transferring other funds into a single fund is the best thing for you, then you should speak to a financial adviser. As a First Super member, you can choose to speak to one of our Financial Planners.



If you have any questions about rolling in your super from another fund, or general queries about your super, contact our Member Services Team on 1300 360 988 or email us