Investment options

How you invest your super can make a real difference when it comes to your superannuation savings and retirement income.

First Super offers members five investment options. Each investment option has a different target for returns and level of risk. You can choose to invest in one of these options, or you can choose a combination. And if you change your mind, or your financial goals change, you can switch your investment choice anytime1.

Need help deciding which investment option is right for you? Contact us on 1300 360 988 to discuss your choices. It’s all part of your membership with First Super.



With your First Super membership, you can get advice about your investment options at no extra cost. It’s all part of our service to you. Call us today on 1300 360 988 or email us.

want to change your INVESTMENT CHOICE?

To change the way you’re invested, download the Investment Choice Form and send it back to us. Don’t have a printer? Contact us and we can post the form to you.

1 A $30 switching fee applies to the third switch and any subsequent switches in a financial year.