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First Super advice
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It is never too early or too late to gain the benefits of financial advice

Your retirement might be a long way off, or just around the corner. Either way, it’s important to take control of your super now, so that it can take care of you later.

First you need advice you can trust.

At First Super, we have a team of Financial Planners^ who can help you plan and set up the right super strategy for you. They can help you …

… early in your working life to make a strong start with your super savings.
… in your 30s and 40s to take control of your super and ensure you and your family have adequate financial protection through insurance inside super.
… in your 50s to provide strategies to boost your retirement savings, and to identify and plan for retirement.
… as you transition to retirement  or move into retirement to help you transition into retirement, and to make the most of government and pension entitlements if applicable.

Advice options

Our members can choose from two types of advice with First Super: General Advice and Personal Advice.

1. General advice

General Advice is provided by our Member and Employer Services Coordinators and Member Services Team at no additional cost to you. It can cover:

– First Super’s investment options
– options for boosting your super
– the insurance options available to you as a member
– considerations for transition into retirement
– how super can be used in retirement.

This advice provides general explanations of superannuation strategies and concepts without considering your personal and financial situation. You will decide if the information is relevant to your personal situation before going ahead.

For General Advice contact our Member Services Team on 1300 360 988 or Or speak to your local Member and Employer Services Coordinator.

2. Personal advice

Personal Advice is provided by First Super’s experienced Financial Advice Team^.

Our authorised Financial Planners can recommend strategies to help you achieve your financial goals – whether this be for retirement, repaying debt, investing outside super. They can also help with advice for ensuring your family lifestyle is maintained in the event of your temporary or permanent disability, or even death.

As the financial advice will take into account your personal circumstances, it must be given to you in writing in a document called a Statement of Advice.

^Financial advice will be provided by or through Industry Fund Services Limited (ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514) and may be free of charge to you.