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An Instagram-worthy home equals happiness.

May 14th, 2018

Three out of four Australians believe a stylish home is the key to personal fulfilment.

Do you aim to make your home Instagram worthy? Dream of having a lounge room that would sit proudly on Pinterest home decor?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you could be among the 76% of Australians who say the style of their home is important to their happiness and individuality, according to ME’s House Proud Survey completed by a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Australians in February 2018.

By contrast, only 46% of people see their personal dress style as a source of happiness.

Renters are house proud too, though one in two quite sensibly skip home styling, preferring to put the money towards buying a home of their own.

Modern home decor – a source of pleasure and pride

These findings confirm that ‘property status’ is alive and well among many Australians. And it’s really not surprising. Our homes are a major asset and a significant investment, so it stands to reason we take pride and pleasure in our home decor.

Happily, many home owners take a fiscally sensible approach to home decorations. Eight out of ten people style cheaply by shopping at low-cost retailers, and purchases of small furniture items often take priority over larger pieces that are potentially more expensive.

Don’t fall into the regret trap

Two out of five of us have regretted spending too much money on home furnishings in the past, and social media platforms with a visual emphasis such as Instagram and Pinterest as well as TV shows like The Block and House Rules, are among the key drivers that can leave us feeling the pressure to present a stylish home. While these can all be handy sources of inspiration, giving your place a dash of individual style doesn’t have to call for a blockbuster budget.

Styling your home without breaking the bank

  1. Get the look right the first time around. Consult with an interior designer and set up a master plan to ensure a cohesive style. Shop around to find a designer you’re comfortable with in terms of style and price.
  2. Always keep your home’s resale value in mind and skip highly individual styles or ‘out there’ renovations that won’t appeal to everyone.
  3. Check out budget-friendly retailers for good value home decor buys. And remember, interior design can be just as subject to seasonal trends as clothing, so it can make sense to opt for affordable on-trend options that can be updated regularly without too much outlay.
  4. Invest in a few classic pieces of quality furniture, and use affordable accessories like throws, rugs, curtains, cushions or lighting to accentuate seasonal changes or deliver a quick, dollar-smart makeover.

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