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Beware: new scam around early release of super

April 21st, 2020

A new scam has started after the recent Government decision to allow early access to super to help people through the COVID-19 crisis.

Quick to pounce on an opportunity, fraudsters are phoning or emailing super fund members pretending to be agents who will help them through the application process for a fee. They may ask for member numbers and passwords for accessing super accounts online, as well as other personal details.

The con-artists’ aim is to take advantage of people in financial hardship, who are desperate for income due to losing their regular wages.

What to do if targeted

Tell your employees to be cautious about any phone call, SMS or email that they receive about early access to their super.

The application process for temporary early access to super payments is being managed by the ATO, and eligible people will need to apply through myGov not their super fund or any third party.

If someone is worried that a phone call, email, or text message concerning their super is a scam, we advise them to hang up or delete the message. First Super members can check whether a message about their super account is genuine by contacting our Member Services Team on 1300 360 988 or mail@firstsuper.com.au.

Please note:

  • Generally, First Super – and, indeed, any super fund – will not contact members by phone, email or text message asking for personal information (e.g. firstonline account password). We may call members to confirm details to release temporary early access to super monies.
  • Our administration team would request personal or financial details only in response to an enquiry or insurance claim from a member in relation to their First Super account.
  • If an employee who is a First Super member needs support with the application process, our Member Services Team or their local Member and Employer Services Coordinator will be happy to help. Otherwise, they can call the ATO direct on
    13 10 20.

The ‘early access to super’ provision is designed as a last resort. Members should explore the other Government income-support measures available, as well as support from the likes of banks who are offering assistance such as mortgage payment holidays.

Our dedicated Temporary Early Access to Super web page has useful information, fact sheets and FAQs on:

  • eligibility criteria and the application process
  • the impact of taking some of your super early
  • other important considerations
  • other sources of financial support and help with outgoings.