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Is your super working hard enough for you?

August 31st, 2018

When you receive your Annual Statement, it’s the perfect time to do a health check on your super account and the rest of your financial situation.

What you need to think about
At this stage of your life and career, being invested in the right option for your circumstances is so important. You need to factor in:

  • your age
  • how comfortable you are with investment risk
  • how long before you will be able to access your funds
  • your retirement goals.

You also need to be aware of limits on super contributions and tax, so you don’t get penalised on what you pay in, or miss out on ways to save on tax.

The Fund’s strong returns for 2017/18 are just part of the picture. You also need to think about your comfort with risk versus return on your investment, and making sure you put enough in while you’re working to give you an income for when you retire – which will come around quicker than you might think!

Help is at hand
If this all sounds a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, let First Super help you!

We have a team of Financial Planners who can support you in planning and setting up the right super strategy for you. They can help you:

  • Figure out which investment option is right for growing your savings
  • Make the most of government and tax allowances
  • Identify and plan for specific goals
  • Work out plans to boost your retirement savings
  • Help ensure you and your family are well protected.

Taking time to plan properly now can make a huge difference to your finances in the future.

To discuss First Super’s advice options or to make an appointment with one of our Financial Planners, phone the Member Services Team on 1300 360 988 or email mail@firstsuper.com.au. Otherwise you can request help online here.