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Save or splurge? Putting your tax refund to good use

August 31st, 2018

How good is tax time? In exchange for a few hours filling out your tax return, you could receive a handy windfall into your bank account. And with a bit of planning, you could make the ATO’s refund go a lot further.

Receiving any lump sum of cash can make treating yourself tempting. But there’s a wide range of clever ways to give you more bang for your tax refund buck. The experts at industry super fund-owned bank, ME, have come up with the suggestions below to help you make the most of this year’s tax refund.

Add to your super
Using a tax refund to grow your retirement savings is a smart move. Given the power of compounding returns, the more you contribute now to your super account the more you’ll have for retirement.

If your partner is a low-income earner, consider using your tax refund to make a contribution to their super fund and you could find yourself eligible for a tax offset worth up to $540.

Reduce debt stress
Paying down debt is a great strategy as it reduces an ongoing cost, freeing up your monthly budget. Start with higher rate bad debt first, like credit cards.

While a home loan has one of the lowest rates of any type of debt, it’s also a long-term affair and any lump sum you tip in today can knock years off the term and save you a bundle in interest along the way.

A stitch in time
A tax refund can also be used to pay for minor repairs before they turn into much bigger expenses. Think a thorough service for your car, some much needed dental work, or even something like repairing those broken roof tiles before they become a major liability in the next storm.

Future-proof yourself
A tax refund is a great opportunity to establish or bolster your emergency savings. Ideally you’d have reserves to cover at least six months of expenses. But even having a small stand-by of cash can help you weather life’s unexpected events or outlays.

A tax refund can also be a good opportunity to maintain assets like your home, car or health – by servicing your car or going for a medical check-up, for instance – which can postpone bigger expenses in the future.

Save it
If you just leave your tax refund in a transaction account, it’s too easy to dip in, even unintentionally, for non-essential expenses. Consider locking it away in a separate savings account or term deposit to help you achieve your savings goals.

Remember, a tax refund is money that you haven’t already factored into your household budget. That makes it easier to use the cash to improve your financial well-being, and even a small tax refund can make a big difference to your wealth when it’s used wisely.

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