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When your super does more than you expect it to

December 4th, 2015

John was permanently disabled and struggling with bills, until a First Super employee gave him the surprise of his life.

Most people face a few obstacles in their lives, but some more than others.

John, 56, was unable to work due to a disability. With John out of the workforce, life became a financial squeeze for himself and his family.

Originally from New Zealand, John and his wife seldom have the chance to go back home and visit relatives, and lately, they’ve barely been able to go anywhere at all.

But a caring observation from one First Super employee helped drastically change the couple’s fortunes this year.

Earlier in 2015, John and his wife were watching a cooking show when they realised how long it had been since they’d been able to eat lobster.

“I’d love to have a lobster all to myself,” his wife reflected.

Spurred by his wife’s comments, and a growing pile of bills, John decided to drop into First Super and tap into some of his funds.

While looking into John’s super, First Super employee Christine noticed he had insurance attached to his super account and suggested he investigate making a claim due to his disability.

With the help of Christine, John realised he did in fact have Totally and Permanent Disabled cover under First Super, and decided to make a claim.

John was shocked when his claim came through as successful. From inside the First Super office, John asked Christine to phone his wife – who had barely slept the night before in anticipation – and inform her of the incredible news.

“I was surprised for my life. I have never ever thought I would have this kind of help,” said John.

“The money I got [my wife] spent on renovating the house for the kids, and paid for our weekend to New Zealand.”

“New Zealand is where we come from, so we wanted to be able to visit and see our relatives.”

First Super always puts its members first, and that includes informing the large percentage of members who aren’t aware of the serious benefits their super membership includes such as insurance.

John said he had a number of relatives he had also been able to help as a result of the claim, and although there wasn’t much left, he was a happy man.

“Christine and the other gentleman who helped me before her were so much help in my situation,” he said.

“I really do recommend First Super.”


This publication was issued by First Super Pty Ltd (ABN 42 053 498 472, AFSL 223988), as Trustee of the First Super superannuation fund (ABN 56 286 625 181).