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Important changes to your First Super clearing house

September 25th, 2020

The way many of you pay and manage your employees’ super is about to change. 

A number of our employers currently utilise what is referred to as Gen 1, an older version of our clearing house service. 

This version is to be replaced by Gen 2, which is more intuitive, modern and gives you more features and streamlined functions – all designed to make your job easier.  

On 11 November, the Gen 1 employer portal you currently use will be turned to ‘read only’, access and you’ll need to use the Gen 2 employer portal to make your employee super contributions. 

Over the coming weeks we will be in contact with those employers impacted by the changeover and will be arranging access to the Gen 2 portal.  


Although the Gen 1 portal remains functional, the ATO data protocols have changed and files are now required in a different format that is no longer supported by Gen 1.  

In addition, we want to make sure our employers have access to modern, smart technology that can better support your digital transaction needs, give you the best experience, and ensure your data is as secure as possible.   

With the Gen 2 employer portal, you can simplify your admin by processing superannuation, Single Touch Payroll and any payroll deductions through the same platform.

It’s also easier to use and: 

  • supports how you work;
  • lets you do more with your information without having to seek assistance from anyone; 
  • includes more checks to improve data quality; 
  • has added security and compliance with ATO data protocols. 

The Gen 2 portal is already being used by a large number of First Super employers around Australia who are benefiting from more efficient digital processing using the upgraded portal. 


You don’t need to do anything until we contact you directly 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the changeover please contact our
Employer Services team on 
1300 943 171 or email us at employers@firstsuper.com.au.